हाकारा । hākārā : a bi-lingual journal of creative expression


 हाकारा । hākārā
 //: (m) हाक, बोलावणे;
a call, a general or a great and continued calling

हाकारा hākārā, is an online bilingual journal on literary and visual arts. With a thematic focus for each issue, the journal is published in English and Marathi while exploring a wide range of forms including critical writings, art works, fiction and videos.

Contemporary lives and actions have been radically influencing expressions of writing, image-making and publicizing. Conversely, the production, consumption and circulation of expressions have influenced the aesthetics, politics and networking today. In this context, objective of  हाकारा hākārā, is to explore and practice newer ways of producing and appreciating creative expressions while encouraging dialogue between different fields of expressions. Considering a rich and diverse body of creative work, हाकारा hākārā focuses on creative and critical writing in Marathi and English across literary and visual forms of expressions.

हाकारा hākārā is published online in freely accessible and interactive format by focusing on the area that address the diversities and the synergies implicit in literary and visual cultures. Interestingly, positioned within academic and non-academic spheres, हाकारा hākārā is interested in the sharing of research, speculations, literary and visual work presented in reflective ways that respond to the current debates while being attentive to the nuanced understanding and interconnectedness of content, form and society. 

हाकारा hākārā particularly encourages innovative nature of literary and visual images, critical artistic practices and developments that inform the contemporariness of the medium (and its pasts and futures), as well as the formal qualities of words and images in changing contexts.

Published once in three months, हाकारा hākārā has been initiated by writer and scholar, Ashutosh Potdar. He co-edits हाकारा hākārā with Noopur Desai, art-writer and researcher. 

हाकारा hākārā can be seen here: www.hakara.in. For more information, please contact: info@hakara.in 

Ashutosh Potdar is a writer and a scholar writing in Marathi and English. He is a faculty of literature and drama at FLAME University, Pune.
Noopur Desai is art writer and researcher writing in Marathi and English. She is a doctoral student of visual arts studies.

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