Devraya writes...

Devraya enjoys writing. Here are three stories that he wanted to share with his friends. These stories are typed by me. He has chosen the fonts.

About Digantar

Once upon a time there was a boy named Digantar and he always dreamed about going to a forest.
One year later…
Digantar was big and it was his birthday. It was a big party. It was time to cut a cake. All the boys started to sing.
One week later…
Digantar, Mom and Dad went to the forest and Digantar was very happy.

The End 

थम्स अप

एक दिवस एका मुलाने बाटली बघितली. त्या बाटलीत काळ्या रंगाचे पाणी होते. त्या मुलाने सर्व लोकांना बोलवले. लोक आश्चर्यचकित झाले. एक माणुस ओरडला, ऐका हो ऐका, कोणतरी या बाटलीत गटारीच पाणी घातलय़. ऐका हो ऐका, या बाटलीत गटारीचं पाणी घातलय. USA चा राजा आला आणि मग तो बोलला, तुने मेरा बोटल देखा? एक माणुस बोलला, क्या ए तुम्हारी बोटल है? सगळे हासु लागले.


Rock’s Adventures

Once upon a time there was a very old house. It was an old house so some people believed that the house has ghosts and some didn’t.

One week later…

Some boys were fighting. One of the boys was pushed in the ghost house and the other boys ran to Rock’s house. Rock was scared. He turned around to the doors. He felt so scared that he will faint. Then he saw the stairs. He went up to the stairs. He heard a noise and it was like this boooooo booooo! I think I will pee. I went up and up and up and up and up and up and up. Are the stairs going to end? “No” said a ghost. “Are you real?” “Yes, I am real,” said ghost. Rock said, “Are you going to kill me?”

“No, I am going to eat you.”

“You are going to eat me…no no no. You are going to kill! Please don’t kill me. I want to live.”

“Of course I am not going to eat you. Come up.”

“You are going eat me.”

“No, I am not going to eat you.”

Ok, I said to myself. I went up and I fell down and down and down and down and down and down and down. I reached the floor. I thought that some children might be trapped.

“Yes, other children and ghosts are trapped up in the dungeons,” ghost said.

Rock said, “But who are you?”

“I am the good ghost.”

“But are you going to kill me?” Rock said.


“Ok. We will get all the children and all the ghosts. Let’s go to save them.”

Again they went up and up and up and up and up and up until they reached the broken step.

I said to the ghost that the step is broken. Ghost said, “Yes, I know that the step is broken.”

Rock- “Then, how can we cross the step?”

Ghost-“You can’t go up the step but I can.”

Rock- Then, Is there an another way?

Ghost- “Yes, but you will have to look like a ghost.”

Rock- “Ok I will do it. I will get my Halloween clothes. We will meet here tomorrow. But, ghost, I can’t go home.”

Ghost- “Please don’t call me ghost. Call me Jack.

Rock- “Jack I can’t go home.”

Jack- “Ok. You can stay with me and you can take my clothes.”

Next Morning…

They set out up to the steps up they went up and up and up and up and up until they reached the broken step again.

Jack sprinkled some magic star thing. I could see golden steps instead of brown steps. They went up and up and up.

“Are the stairs ending”, I said to Jack.

Jack said the stairs are ended because you are a human. He sprinkled the star thing at me again. Then, I could see mini-ghost and kids. Jack said we have to go across the guards. I had a plan. I said to Jack, “I have a plan. We go like snakes.” The guards saw us and Jack saw them. Jack said, “Run Rock run!!”

“Why should I run?”, said Rock.

“The guards are back of us,” said Jack.

Then some other guards came in front of us. We were in the ghost’s dungeons. Jack woke me up.

Jack said to me, “You are the key.”

I asked Jack, “How am I the key of a door?”

Jack-“Because you are a human. Put your thumb here and we will have freed the ghosts.”

Rock- “Really! Then, will you help me free the children?”

All the ghosts- “Of course, we will help you free the children.”

Ok. I thought for a minute. I said to Jack, “Ok. I will put my thumb there. We go with the ghosts and then we will finally save the children!”

Jack- “Yes Rock, all the children will be free. All the ghosts will be free but only in one deal.”

Rock- “After all the ghosts are free we will go to save the children! Do we have a deal?”

All the ghosts- “Yes!”

Rock- “Then I will put my thumb here.”

And then, I put my thumb and I thought that the ghosts are free and children will finally be free. But it was wrong. I and Jack were not free only. All the ghosts were free after a minute. Jack said to me, “Hey, all the guards have gone to catch all the ghosts. So, we save the children and go to our homes.”

Rock- “Ok Jack, let’s go to save the children.”

Jack- “That’s the spirit, Rock.”

Rock-“Jack, I need your thumb.”

We had saved the children and we went home.

  The End